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Potluck performance-gathering in collaboration with Jungmok Yi
Philadelphia, PA
Sep. 13, 2019

SONGPYNIK (Jungmok Yi) and Miss Cornucopia (Connie Fu) presented Mid-Autumn Potluck as a performance-gathering, bringing a group of friends together to share food and revive celebratory traditions decayed through migration. The group made songpyeon, a Korean delicacy made of sweetened and colored glutinous rice dough and sugary filling. Miss Cornucopia did a ritual presentation of mooncakes out of a handwoven basket "moon," placing them on a table so that people could write and stuff messages in the cakes to give to loved ones. Mooncakes, historically used as vessels of rebel communication in China, were thus reinvigorated with their symbolic function. With Mid-Autumn Potluck, Fu and Yi sought to keep the customs of Mid-Autumn Festival alive for those of East Asian descent who have experienced the challenges of migration.