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Solo exhibition at FiveMyles
558 St. Johns Pl. Brooklyn, NY
Jan. 4 - Feb. 16, 2020

Step into a room with long scroll weavings, ceramic sculptures resembling plants, a painted house, and headphones inviting you to listen.

A boundless love finds shelter in a pattern, and freedom in breaking from it. The music and woven scrolls in Lover / no reason embody time spent with software and mechanical machines to establish stable structures. A looping bar of percussion and repeat of 99 steps in a weaving pattern coexist in this world of sensation.

And yet the mind wanders, following the fluttering heart - one slip and there may be a landslide. The bar that loses its grip on the grid, or the weaver whose feet disobey. Venturing into the expanse of decision-making feels like layers of forks in the road. To recover a kind of shelter in impending disorder is the sensual squashing of muck into a vase or tower of cups. A house found abandoned on the side of the road, rediscovered as a site for visual pleasures. My songs to you, not polished nor gentle, but rather a push-pull in my understanding of what it is to love.

jade of noon ยท Lover/no reason sound bank

In response, by Erik Wangsvick: "There is a space made between the light and the circle painting on the floor. Upon entering this tube within a cube, there was a prompt to put headphones. I did and wondered what I was supposed to hear. It became like a listening to a sea shell experience. I wondered if the muffled sound of traffic outside is a music I'm supposed to hear. The sound of my fingers against the headphones gave me an idea for a music experiment of my own.

I leave and as I'm skating on the street I continue to think about the exhibition as a whole. Some shows work as a collection of individual pieces but this does not feel like that. I started making sense of the show as a collection of acquaintances. They share some knowing of each other. They share a strange space and are trying to be comfortable, though, each one is most comfortable being itself. They gather awkwardly because they is virtue in breaking from an insular existence and a gathering has been called for."

Thank you to Petra Brown, Anna Routson, Bonnie Inouye, Ricky Graham, Maria Arellano, Brant Weiland, Bijan Shirazi-Wu.