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Sound is a touch through the medium. Textiles touch and are the medium. Where the medium touches me, is a rosebud lip brushing mine, is a bird song penetrating noiseful swamp.

On patterns and loops.

How related are a loop and repeating pattern? The cycle of treadle presses in weaving requires my feet to do the same dance steps again and again, until foot disobeys.

Extending the audio or MIDI in the DAW to create an endless chain of repeating sound. The digital signal is sent again and again, in perfect memory recall. If I chain my feet to the sound, will I be a perfect dancer?

"where grace is concerned, it is impossible for man to come anywhere near a puppet. Only a god can equal inanimate matter in this respect. This is the point where the two ends of the circular world meet."

Heinrich Von Kleist - "On the Marionette Theatre" (1810)

Puppet (2018)


But I stray. I am attracted to the rigid control of the loom and the nested clocks of the Octatrack sampler. Through the heddles come threads comprising structures whose parts are interchangeable. Into the sampler go audio recordings that each are a placeholder with metadata. The slice and effect metadata of a sample as applied to a weaving pattern? The treadling pattern of a weaving pattern transposed to MIDI data?

And where does freedom have its say? The yard upon yard of perfect repeated plaid that gets sewn into countless identical shirts. The song on repeat that drives the imprisoned person mad. Where in pristine memory can we quietly drill an escape route? Will or won't you follow me there? In the production of music and textiles the push-pull of controlled/free and mechanized/meditative come to the fore. The human's unlikely romance with the machine involves not compromise but a quiet battle:

"designed to leave space for the caprice of the human hand,"
"trust your ears, but give the final word to the meter."

Navigating this landscape, we come across arid regions and hot swamps.

Bound by digital standards fueled by visions of utopic perfection, she tunes her voice to perfect semitones, or
Quantizes perfectly to 4/4 step the notes she's played, then adds 3% swing just to make them a touch human.
However, now more is possible than ever in the confines of a small room.
She is not caged in, just more free to be alone.