In the Era Synthesis we tickle the sinuous fibers that connect one material and set of hands to another.

Origin story

Up to our then and now, performance at Maelstrom Collaborative Arts in Cleveland, OH, 2020


Videos, shown as part of home at Acogedor Space


Sock structure made of hand-dyed, spun, and knit yarn


A puppet made of hand-carved bass wood, sculpted thermoplastic beads and epoxy, leather, wire, and fabric. Figurehead of an investigation of gestures and the making of them - anatomically, mechanically, emotionally. Music, motion, and language layered in a web of expressive gesture.
References and exercises.

Object bazaar

Collection of handmade objects, 2018-2020. Click to see all.


The Chrysanthemum's Folly, interactive performance presented with Jungmok Yi as yFFy, 2020. Part of exhibition Testing Grounds at Cherry Street Pier, Philadelphia, PA.

The Wise Lump & the Portal of Answers The Wise Lump & the Portal of Answers

Hand embroidery

Guardian Spririt, 15"w x 12"h, 2020. For my sister.

guardian embroidery