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Links + references

  1. Dave Benson. Music: A Mathematical Offering.

  2. aeiyou: Jacquard weaving & glitch art software that converts equations into weave structures / graphic designs. Open-source. Created by Haumed Rahmani. Used in my ongoing Sensing Textiles project.

  3. Aural Textiles: exploring contemporary Scottish art and design practice through a distributed network of collaborative production.

  4. Aural Textiles. "Patterning Sounds: exploring contemporary textile design through collective making": Documentation of a project by Aural Textiles research group where six fiber practitioners were engaged to create designs from environmental audio samples using spectrogram analysis.

  5. Unstable Design Lab: approaching design as a way to generate theory and things.

  6. Lea Albaugh, Scott E. Hudson, Lining Yao, Laura Devendorf. "Investigating Underdetermination Through Interactive Computational Handweaving."

  7. resound, 2015. Project by Gabe Duggan: combines techniques of traditional fiber work to push material boundaries, establishing and challenging repetitive systems of tension and balance.