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I work as a plethora of characters, each of whom follows an evolutionary trajectory:

Nebula Night King

★ Nebula / Night King ★
★ Lolona and the Rivulet Paver ★
★ Miss Cornucopia ★
★ the Bird, Egg, Girl, and Picture Maker ★
★ the Portal of Answers ★
★ and more yet to be revealed. ★

I am curious about patterns as regulatory mechanisms and claims to order that nonetheless precipitate chaos. To what degree can patterns promise control, stability, utility, or permanence in the face of a spirited human actor?

I address this and related questions using a combinatory method, where disparate fields of making and knowledge are poetically bridged. Text, images, movement, sound, and textiles are synthesized to produce objects that function as environments and vice versa in a continual back and forth between object and space, maker and viewer, actor and reactor.

Digital technologies are a silky thread running throughout, systematizing my hands and body and equipping me with new tools.

In my various guises, I build ways to work amongst different facets of myself. Extending from within, I encounter other entities - collaborators, instigators, disruptors, partners, lovers - with whom to entangle.

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