Welcome to the Era Empress (2020 - )

Never before had the Empress despaired to the extent that she did these days. There were landscapes to traverse and time to maneuver. All around, disasters occurred. In the pinhole of lightness she fumbled for tools, tools that had eluded her but gradually fell into step.


I reimagined the classic Snake game as a caterpillar's growth journey, where each leaf eaten triggers a random bird out of 5 types to appear as an obstacle on screen. The objective is to eat without being eaten. Each bird announces its presence with a species-specific bird sound. This game is a prototype for a suite of educational nature-based games.

Sounds from Audubon.
Written in C++/openFrameworks.


I co-designed Radical Hope: the catalog with Aloe Corry and Madeline Rupard. The catalog and corresponding virtual exhibition feature work by 28 artists, playfully manipulated to draw out the essence of each artist and the collective. PDFs of the catalog were sent to donors giving $5+ to the show's GoFundme, with proceeds going to the International Rescue Committee's COVID-19 Relief Fund.

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The Empress Farmhand has been working diligently at the Yarn Farm, connecting to land and animal. Visit her and browse the current yarn flock. Available skeins and custom skeins of 100 yds are $25 each. All yarn is hand-dyed, carded, and spun using 100% sheeps wool (a blend of Romney and Merino). Icelandic sheeps wool skeins will be available soon.